We Love Cocoa Butter!

Cocoa Butter is one of the natural ingredients that helps make up the base of all our Aloha Alchemy products! Get to know this luxurious butter better. Here are some of the reasons why we love cocoa butter: “Cocoa butter is derived from the fat that surrounds the chocolate bean. Chocolate, made from the bean, […]

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Made with aloha

In Hawaii, I’ve met the most beautiful people full of the aloha spirit. I know I’m among kindred spirits when I see others who proclaim that their creative offerings to the world flavor our senses, sweeten our dispositions, stir our imaginations, and nourish our dreams. The alchemy I strive to perfect with SkinFood and other Aloha Alchemy […]

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Perfect for every body

From the tips of your hair (and wings) to the tips of your toes, SkinFood heals. It’s perfect for every body.

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Welcome to Aloha Alchemy

  The goddess of alchemy

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