Temperature Control

All of our products are temperature sensitive and should be stored as you would your cooking oils–in a cool place out of direct sun or high heat. They are designed to melt at body temperature, so if left in a hot or sunny area (like your car or your beach bag) they will liquify. Not to worry though, unless they are subjected to very high heat, they should re-solidify perfectly fine once they return to a cooler temperature. Do not place them in the fridge when they are in a liquid state as this interrupts the alchemical processes. Always tighten the lid of your jar to avoid leaking in the case of liquifying.


In the cooler months, our body butters will become a bit firmer and some say not as easy to scoop from the jar. This can be easily solved by placing your jar of body butter in a warm location–a sunny window sill, on top of or in front of your heater vents, submersed in warm water (tightly sealed)–for a few minutes or until desired softness is achieved.


Our jars are 100% recyclable, including the lid!  You can also return your empty jar with your next purchase for a $1 credit!

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