“I wanted to let you know your DreamCream is amazing. I’ve been using it consistently through the dry winter months after I wash and/or before bed on my face, neck & hands, and my skin is clearer, softer, and smoother than ever! I was having issues with acne lately and now it’s disappearing! My skin just sucks up the DreamCream and glows! And, the smell is dreamy-delicious! Thank You SO MUCH Danielle!” —Courtney

“Received my order yesterday. SkinFood feels like silk and smells like heaven! I love the scents of all of the products. Thank you!” — Kay from Massachusetts

“I was bought DreamCream as a gift recently and although I appreciated the thought, at the time I had no idea what a fabulous product this would turn about to be.  I have recently had surgery on my knees and am having to wear compression socks for several weeks. DreamCream massaged into my legs and feet daily is completely eliminating any dryness, smells divine, and feels so luxurious.  This slightly odd gift (was hoping perfume!) has now become something I absolutely love. So thanks! Best wishes.” —Lynn Lewis

“These products are amazing! I’ve been using the creams all week and my skin feels so much healthier!” — Yukie

“I have been using your DreamCream for over year now, putting it on nightly.  I have not experienced the painful cracks on the ends of my fingers that I have always had and been pained by.  Thank you for this amazing product!”  –Mary Borevitz

Something I appreciate about SkinFood? The shape of the jar helps keep it stabilized on a soft surface when you’re giving massage to your sweetie. It doesn’t roll around or have to be closed like tubes or bottles. Love it!” — Rachel

Love your product. We met you at the craft fair in the park in San Luis Obispo. My lips have always had defined lines in them that won’t seem to go away. I have been using your chocolate product on my lips and you can hardly see any lines at all now. Also, my hands look better after using your product than they have in a long time. I have very sensitive skin and I am very reluctant to try new products. So glad that I tried yours. You definitely get 5 stars from me. Thanks.” — Betty from Oklahoma City

If you’re looking for a really clean, organic body butter that is as rich as it is full of goodness, you’ve found it in SkinFood! My favorite is the minty Sweet Feet but the Dream Cream is perfect for a calming, aromatherapy-enhanced massage. Oh and I happen to know the Secret Ingredient: L O V E. (shhh….don’t tell!)” — Eldonna

Love working with SkinFood on my clients for massage and bodywork, It not only gives nourishment and moisturizing to my clients, I receive the benefits as well. Love the Dream Cream, yummy and creamy!. Clients love the way the skin feels too. I needed an organic product that nourished my own body as I worked with my hands and love this product! Thank you!” — Janice

SkinFood is creamy smell good moisturizing yumminess 🙂 Not the most eloquent review but it is truly is a great product.” — Nena

The poet, A.E. Housman wrote, some time ago, that the universe has been stocked with precious pearls so that we might delight in finding them. We will never come to the end of that supply. I would suggest that the universe has given us a treasure that we can delight in finding right here. Danielle suffuses her SkinFood with an endless supply of love. Come find her and let her alchemy transform you.” — RGAS

SkinFood is so yummy! I love putting it on before & after laying in the sun~ Super nourishing & smells like chocolate! ; ) ” — Natalie

I love SkinFood! When I wear it, I feel sexy and sweet. Thank you Danielle for making such a wonderful product.Leslie

Just had to say something about this product. SkinFood smells so wonderful, I want to lick my own fingers before I’m finished rubbing it in. It feels good everywhere–and I do mean that! […] The scent is something very pleasing to both men and women and I hear if you dab a bit on your neck, it’s guaranteed to get your neck kissed! It’s worked for me… I intend to continure to explore and experiment fearlessly. Huggingal

Customers rave about the many uses of our whipped body butters including (but never limited to) the following:

  • A total body moisturizer
  • Rich hand cream
  • Deep conditioning mask for hair and beards
  • Lip balm
  • Healing balm for skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and extremely dry skin
  • Softening cream to smooth and soften dry and cracked heels
  • Massage cream
  • Light SPF-factor sun cream
  • After-sun lotion

Fans of SkinFood, SweetFeet, and DreamCream are always discovering new uses for these body-loving products. Get creative!

How do you enjoy our products? Let us know.

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