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the goddess of alchemy

the goddess of alchemy

Aloha Alchemy is a locally-owned and operated small business, founded in San Luis Obispo, California. All our products are handmade with love in small batches to ensure that we provide the highest quality, fully organic and edible skincare available!

I developed SkinFood, our original product, out of necessity. My skin’s sensitivity to the impurities in every lotion I tried caused irritation and rough patches to form. My skin seemed to always be thirsty for hydration. I searched for a body butter that was completely free of perfumes, artificial colors and flavors, alcohol, petroleum by-products, parabens, paraffin, preservatives, and other “junk” found in almost every moisturizer on the market. After turning up empty handed, I decided to make my own lotion. I thought, “If it’s pure enough to eat, hopefully it will be pure enough to not irritate my skin.”

Guided by my intuition and some knowledge of the natural skin emollients I used in my massage therapy practice, I created a blend that felt velvety-smooth and was never sticky or greasy. Within 24 hours of use, the rough patches on my skin disappeared and within a few days the irritation cleared up completely. I noticed that my skin felt moisturized all day long from just one application in the morning and there was a marked improvement in the general tone and softness. I could hardly believe that something this naturally nourishing for my skin had the decadent aroma of a dessert!

I wanted to share this gift with everyone I knew! I gave out small jelly jars filled with SkinFood to friends and family for holiday gifts, hoping they would enjoy it as much as I did. When they all reported back with stellar reviews and improvements in their skin, I knew I had to share this gift with the world.

We started selling SkinFood, our first product, at farmer’s markets, art fairs, and special events in the San Luis Obispo area in July 2010. We now have four products in our line, including DreamCream, SweetFeet, and our newest creation, BabyBump.  Our products can currently be found in various retail locations, ordered direct from this website and at farmers markets, art fairs, music festivals and special events in California, Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest.

We hope you experience the bliss of healthy skin by nourishing yourself from the outside in. We hope, too,  that our products, made with love, will help nourish your world.

Thank you for your interest in and support of Aloha Alchemy!

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