Made with aloha

In Hawaii, I’ve met the most beautiful people full of the aloha spirit. I know I’m among kindred spirits when I see others who proclaim that their creative offerings to the world flavor our senses, sweeten our dispositions, stir our imaginations, and nourish our dreams. The alchemy I strive to perfect with SkinFood and other Aloha Alchemy products intends to effect this type of positive change, too.

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  1. Huggingal March 29, 2011 at 7:30 pm #

    Just had to say something about this product. Skin Food smells so wonderful I want to lick my own fingers before I’m finished rubbing it in. It feels good everywhere-and I do mean that! I have started dated again after a long respite and have used Skin Food as a little something to unexpectantly massage into the hands of two different men. They melted as nicely as the cocoa butter did :-] A very sensual treat since I benefitted as well as they did. The scent is something very pleasing to both men and women and I hear if you dab a bit on your neck, it’s guaranteed to get your neck kissed! It’s worked for me…..I intend to continure to explore and experiment fearlessly.

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